Moni Brar

from the Poem of the Year’s 2022 Shortlist: “notes to future kin and past selves”

Manahil Bandukwala on “notes to future kin and past selves” by Moni Brar

Moni Brar’s “notes to future kin and past selves” is in beautiful conversation with Bhanu Kapil’s prose poems. Colonial inheritances fade away, instead giving space to simply being.


Born in northern India, Moni Brar now lives on unsurrendered territories of the Treaty 7 region and Syilx Okanagan Nation. Her writing explores the interrelation of time, place and identity in the immigrant experience, diasporan guilt, intergenerational trauma, and colonization. She believes art contains the possibility of healing. Her work appears in PRISM, Passages North, Hobart, Vallum, Existere, and others. [provided for the poem “notes to future kin and past selves”]

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