Zoe Dickinson

moving on land

my google maps location history
		           is a peony
identical circles layered:
the same kilometer of beach
on infinite loop

they say peonies need ants
to nibble through their seals
but it's spring 
                     that pries open
my tight-balled days
to admit
                          cherry blossoms 
                  on the way to work
and at the beach,
as my dog examines 
                                  and re-examines 
each tide-tumbled stone with his soft black nose:

sunrise, mixing pink lemonade into waves

and sunset – 
               their long, papaya beaks 
               their morse-code cries


Zoe Dickinson holds up colourful doilies that she received as her Award of Awesomeness doo-dad.

Zoe Dickinson is a poet and bookseller from Victoria, BC. She has been published in literary journals such as Existere, Prairie Fire, and Contemporary Verse 2. Her first chapbook, Public Transit, was published in 2015 by Leaf Press, and her second chapbook, intertidal: poems from the littoral zone, is the 2022 winner of the Raven Chapbook competition. She is a manager at Russell Books and the Artistic Director of the Planet Earth Poetry Reading Series. [provided in 2023]

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