Arc 80 Summer 2016  Poems with Backbone: Arc's 2016 Poem of the Year

In This Issue

Doyali Islam’s “site” earned the title of Poem of the Year, and Curtis LeBlanc won over audiences to receive Readers’ Choice for his poem “In Recognition of a Quarter Century of Contribution to UMA.” This year’s Diana Brebner Prize judge, Dina Del Bucchia, selected “NU” by Claire Farley as the best poem from a National Capital Region poet. Congratulations to our contest winners, all of the poets who received honourable mentions, and everyone who made the shortlist!

Other upstanding content in Arc 80 includes:

  • Lisa Robertson’s translation of the notes and thinking of linguist Emile Benveniste;
  • thoughts and reviews of chapbooks in a feature from Bardia Sinaee;
  • insights from Stevie Howell and Nick Thran into how poems work; and
  • encaustic paintings of urban architectural landscape by Quebec artist Julie St-Amand.
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