Lament of a Bleeding Heart

I demand that the nineteenth century apologize.

I insist that outer space explain its inner workings.

I require that the future present itself immediately.

Or I will have to take steps;

I will despatch a thousand hostile origami cranes,

I will flatten all six tires of time and darkness,

I will bend the will of several gods into a horseshoe,

You won’t have seen it coming.

I direct that the rules of the game be clear and broken glass.

I command that the root of two be exonerated on grounds of insanity.

I order that Monarch butterflies be taught to do the backstroke.

Or regret will enter the equation;

I will force La Niña and El Niño into a misery of wedlock,

I will repeal the fourth law of thermodynamics,

I will commit the innocent to lives of guilty secrets,

Then seeing will be believing.

I demand that the Higgs boson be hurled back into hiding.

I require Amelia Earhart’s exact position and velocity, right now.

I direct that the rain grow wild from the seeds I’ve sown.

Or chaos will abound;

I will lock the night inside one shining lamp,

I will liberate sorrow from its prison in Spain,

I will annul the dark and sunny day we met,

Yes, I will.

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