Therese Estacion

hysterectomied woman (4)

hysterectomied woman,

          be here for the first time 
in your body,     a free thought,

               unscarred and scented 
peels of stemmed fruit

          your soft and searing halo 
inside, near the belly button

               spaciousness, not of doom 

but of fields, a pond of
moonlight in

       ecstasy of your 


Therese Estacion was the Guest Editor of Arc 102: Disability Desirability.

a Visayan person with long black hair, red lipstick and light brown skin smiles at the camera; her hair is all over the one shoulder and she is wearing a blue shirt and golden snake-head necklace.

Therese Estacion is part of the Visayan diaspora community. She is an elementary school teacher and is currently studying to be a psychotherapist. Therese is also a bilateral below knee and partial hands amputee. Her poems have been published in CV2 and PANK Magazine. Her first book, Phantompains, was published by Book*Hug, and is a finalist for the CLMP Firecracker Awards. She lives in Toronto/Tkaronto. [provided for the Disability Desirability call]

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