How Like a Golden Marshmallow is My Love

and me too for him melting

us each

brown skinned, golden brown

him blacker

me unevenly cooked mottled powdered white

like a sugar fawn

melting and smoking

two thin mulattos fucking

like twigs rubbing together

for matchless fire

hot molten sugar

reeking bonfire smoke

sour white pepper

in the noseful

and in those pockets under the eyes

that don’t feel empty until they are full

and melting

melting inside the open mouth

and dotting the hot fingertips

sticking hard

and peaking

like finished whip cream in a frosted bowl

too perfect a shape is he

engineered immaculate

foaming out of machine tips

into holy bleach white cubes

of horse hooves

and corn juice

a God’s geometry his sweet symmetry

my belly aches

yes, like a golden marshmallow

pricked and cooked

held long over the coals

which is one way of saying a hard life

still, beautiful soft inside

and melting

he came to me


he came over

a campfire smoking

splitting wood front mounted

red embers hot center

out in the wild dark

the green dark

under the easy constellations of early summer

my lit face pink-cheeked and lisping

a treat laboured for

tip uncharred

and blazing

hot treat

I am wet in the mouth

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