Elise Partridge’s poets: Nine poems by PIR participants

Here is a sample of the work of one of nine poets appearing in Arc 67 who undertook a mentorship with Arc Poet-in-Residence Elise Partridge, who completed her tenure earlier this year.

Jessica Moore

Nova Scotia II

“There is mildew in the rose bowl now.”

I am not a boat builder’s wife
and I know that if I were,
I would always come second—

her curves graceful as the arch
of my small foot, her belly firm,
loyal between you and the sea,

the things you don’t understand about women
far from your mind as she takes a hard lee,
sails shouldering the wind.

Still—days when you come home
with arms aching,
it would be sweet to lie down

wouldn’t it? Wouldn’t it be sweet
if I were there?

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published in Arc 65

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