Anna Swanson

an image of Anna Swanson swimming in green/yellow water, in a black bathing suit and white goggles that cover the nose, looking up to look so as to be face-on to the camera, with both hands spread, and her legs and body floating behind.

Anna Swanson (she/her) is a writer and librarian living in St. John’s, NL/ Ktaqmkuk. Her writing is interested in themes of chronic illness, concussion, embodiment, identity, queerness, garbage, and survival joy. Her first book of poetry, The Nights Also (Tightrope Books, 2010), won the Gerald Lampert Award and a Lambda Literary Award. Her writing has appeared in various anthologies including In Fine Form: The Canadian Book of Form PoetryThe Best Canadian Poetry in English,  and Impact: Women Writing After Concussion. She also works with Riddle Fence as a poetry editor, and loves swimming outdoors in all seasons. For more about the Garbage Poems project, see: [provided with the poem “Maybe a Body”]

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