Arc’s nominations for The Pushcart Prize

These six nomination represent the voices we couldn’t forget, the poems that we had to go back to, even after new issues arrived to displace the old. They are the poems that speak to our times, with beauty but also intelligence and perception. These are the poems that made us feel like we wanted to be–or that we could be–better human beings.

Arc’s nominations for The Pushcart Prize

Arc 85:

Liz Ross for “Feeding Iris Strawberries” (1 poem)

Arc 86:

Leah Horlick for “You Are My Hiding Place” (1 poem)

Shaun Robinson for “How Soon, How Likely, How Severe” (1 poem)

Arc 87 Front Cover

Arc 87:

Fady Joudah for “Dream” and “Sometimes Listening is a Kind of Suture” (2 poems)

Philip Metres for “Three Returns” (1 poem)


Thank you to Doyali Islam, Arc’s Poetry Editor, for her work on these issues and these nominations. Thank you as well to our nominated authors, our dedicated staff, volunteer Board Members, and submission readers, and to all the poets and readers who engage with Arc and make this magazine possible.

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