Arc’s Distributing Presents!

It’s a winter wonderland of poetry!


Covers for Arc Push 3


In the month of November, the first 25 poetry-lovers who subscribe to Arc will get an extra present with their purchase!* In addition to new issues of Canada’s favourite poetry magazine—including our upcoming Australian cross-over—the first 25 subscribers will also receive a free, full length book of Canadian poetry by one of Arc’s amazing editors, past and present. No shipping, no handling, just great Canadian poetry delivered right to your door! Don’t have all of your Christmas presents yet? — Well, here’s an idea: Arc’s verse for Christmas!

We have books by Monty Reid, Chris Jennings, Anita Lahey, Brenda Biem Leifso, John Barton, Frances Boyle, Shane Rhodes and Brecken Hancock, just waiting to go home with you—or be gifted to the poet in your life—as a thank you for your support of this great art form. What book will you get? The only way to find out is to subscribe.

So don’t delay! Get more poetry in your life today:

Subscription Type
2 years (Canada) $60.00 CAD1 year (Canada) $35.00 CAD2 years (US) $80.00 CAD1 year (US) $47.00 CAD2 years (International) $90.00 CAD1 year (International) $50.00 CADCORDITE reader special (Australia only) 1 year $25.00 CAD



2 year subscription (Canada) $60.00 CAD
1 year subscription (Canada) $35.00 CAD
2 year subscription (US) $80.00 CAD
1 year subscription (US) $47.00 CAD
2 year subscription (International) $90.00 CAD
1 year subscription (International) $50.00 CAD
Digital Subscription (1 year) $20.00 CAD



*Offer valid on the first 25 new subscriptions, renewals, or gift subscriptions. Submissions to Arc’s contests—include Poem of the Year Contest and the Diana Brebner Prize—which come with a one year subscription are not eligible for this offer.

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