Arc and Arcers shortlisted for National Magazine Awards

Arc Poetry Magazine, its contributors, and some members of the Arc Team have recently been shortlisted for National Magazine Awards:

Steven Heighton was nominated for “Election Night Dream, November 2008”; “World Enough”; and “Ribs (for Paul Quarrington)” which were published in Arc 65 (Winter 2011). David O’Meara was nominated for “In the Event of Moon Disaster” published in the Arc Annual 2011, and Anne Simpson for “Flood”; Flood, Translated”; and “Flood, Interior View” also in the Arc Annual 2011.

Arc’s editor Anita Lahey was nominated for “The Last Ka-ching,” in Toronto Life; and “Hark! Who Goes There?” in Cottage Life. Arc’s poetry editor Shane Rhodes was nominated for “Pearl” and “The Body,” published in the Malahat Review.

Congrats to all on the nominations! Awards will be announced at the award banquet on June 10. Click HERE for more info.


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