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Critic’s Desk Award – past winners






  • Feature Review: Sanchari Sur, “In Search of Home: Three Perspectives on What It Means to Belong” (Arc 88)
  • Brief Review: Carl Watts on Ekke by Klara du Plessis (Arc 89)
  • Judge: Shane Neilson



  • Feature Review: Kai Cheng Thom, “Re-Membering the Body: Joshua Jennifer Espinoza’s There Should Be Flowers” (Arc 87)
  • Brief Review: Kim Trainor on Après Satie—For Two and Four Hands by Dean Steadman (Arc 85)
  • Judge: Jacqueline Valencia





  • Feature Review: Ben Gallagher, “Reports, Laments, Rituals, Rumours” (Arc 81)
  • Brief Review: Phoebe Wang, “Imagining a Legacy: Elise Partridge’s The Exiles’ Gallery” (Arc website, March 2016)
  • Judge: Adele Barclay (CWILA Critic-in Residence)



  • Feature Review: Patricia Keeney “And Death Shall Have No Dominion” (Arc 76)
  • Brief Review: Jamie Bradley on The Counting House by Sandra Ridley (Arc 76)



  • Feature Review: Margaret Christakos, “Weight, Rise and Riffle: Jordan Abel’s Exuberant Excisions in The Place of Scraps” (Arc website, Feb 2014)
  • Brief Review: Rachael Wyatt on Richard Norman’s Zero Kelvin (Arc website, Dec 2014)
  • Judge: Lucas Crawford (CWILA critic-in-residence)



  • Feature Review: Patricia Keeney, “Seasoned Poets and Pioneers” (Arc 70)
  • Brief Review: Margaret Christakos on Red Doc by Anne Carson (Arc 71)
  • Judge: Shannon Webb-Campbell (CWILA critic-in-residence)



  • Feature Review: Zachariah Wells, “Attention Paid, Taylor Made” (Arc 68)
  • Brief Review: Stevie Howell on Sweet by Dani Couture (Arc 67)
  • Judge: Rhonda Douglas



  • Feature Review: Patricia Keeney, “GG offer dazzle vs. wisdom” (Arc website, fall 2011)
  • Brief Review: Shane Neilson on Witness by Patrick Lane (Arc website, winter 2011)
  • Judge: Luke Hathaway



  • Feature Review: Luke Hathaway, “Listening to Margaret Avison” (Arc 64)
  • Brief Review: Asa Boxer on Athena Becomes a Swallow by Brent MacLaine (Arc 64)
  • Judge: Richard Greene



  • Feature Review: [none]
  • Brief Review: Chris Jennings on Dead Cars in Managua by Stuart Ross (Arc 63)
  • Judge: Judith Herz



  • Feature Review: Carmine Starnino, “Arriving Early” on Noble Gas, Penny Black by David O’Meara (Arc 62)
  • Brief Review: Zachariah Wells on Earthly Pages: The Poetry of Don Domanski (ed. Brian Bartlett) (Arc 61)
  • Judge: Russell Brown



  • Feature Review: Abou Farman, “Poetry of Inquiry” on The Rush to Here by George Murray, and Ox by Christopher Patton (Arc 59)
  • Brief Review: Katia Grubisic on Last Water Song by Patrick Lane (Arc 60)
  • Judge: Matthew Holmes



  • Feature Review: Triny Finlay, “Back to the Modern: three Ottawa Poets” (Arc 57)
  • Brief Review: Christopher Doda on apostrophe by Bill Kennedy & Darren-Wershler Henry (Arc 57)
  • Judge: Frank Davey



  • Feature Review: Abou Farman “History’s Hollow” (Arc 54)
  • Brief Review: Zachariah Wells on Free Will by Harold Rhenisch (Arc 54)
  • Judge: George Elliott Clarke



  • Feature Review: Harold Rhenisch, “Five Laureates on the Red Earth Road” (Arc 53)
  • Brief Review: Zachariah Wells on Hey, Crumbling Balcony! Poems New & Selected by Stuart Ross (Arc 52)
  • Judge: Smaro Kamboureli



  • Feature Review: Bruce Whiteman on Flint and Feather: The Life and Times of E. Pauline Johnson Tekahionwake by Charlotte Gray (Arc 51)
  • Brief Review: Christopher Doda on Happyland by Kevin Connolly (Arc 51)
  • Judge: David Staines


2003 (Initial year – for 25th anniversary)

  • Feature Review: Harold Rhenisch on Shani Mootoo and Joy Kogawa (Arc 48)
  • Brief Review: Heather Spears on Karen Solie (Arc 49)
  • Judge: Barbara Carey