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Diane Brebner Prize Winners


Year Winner Honourable Mention Judge
2020 (Arc 95) Karen Massey “Mary Oliver in the Hereafter” Dessa Bayrock “what do you see?” Susan Musgrave
2019 (Arc 91) Dawn Steiner “Morning Walk” Natalie Hanna “light conversation” Ian LeTourneau
2018 (Arc 88) Deborah-Anne Tunney “Our World” Laurie Koensgen “Ceremonies” Canisia Lubrin
2017 (Arc 86) Conyer Clayton “Seeds” Sarah MacDonell “Beinn Bhiroach” Micheline Mayor
2016 (Arc 80) Claire Farley “NU” Susan J. Atkinson “Driving West to Say Goodbye” Dina Del Bucchia
2015 (Arc 77) Sneha Madhavan-Reese “Rosa Parks” Ken Victor “The Celiac Reflects” Emily McGiffin
2014 (Arc 74) Anne Marie Todkill “Strontium 90” Vivian Vavassis “In Stellar Parallax” Pearl Pirie
2013 (Arc 71) Marilyn Irwin “this is a silent” Mike Caesar “North Channel” Sue Sinclair
2012 (Arc 68) Lauren Turner “Engaging the Core” none Sandra Ridley
2011 (Arc Annual 2012) Jenny Haysom “Minnowing” none Paul Tyler
2010 (Arc 64) Robyn Jeffrey “Les Krasner’s Grey Period” none Mark Frutkin
2009 (Arc 63) Gillian Wallace “Crow, of the family Corvidae” Jaqueline Kawaja “The Speed Limit of Angiogenesis” Peter Richardson
2008 (Arc 61) Frances Boyle “Momentum” none Nadine McInnis
2007 (Arc 59) Guy Simser “Withdrawal” Lise Rochefort “(W)hole” Stephen Brockwell
2006 (Arc 57) Rhonda Douglas “Hecuba” Sandra Ridley “Five Discretions of Water” rob mclennan
2005 (Arc 55) Sylvia Adams “Water” Dilys Leman “Motherless” Michelle Desbarats
2004 (Arc 53) Betty Warrington-Kearsley “Onsen in Izu” Vivian Vavassis “Estate Sale” David O’Meara
2003 (Arc 51) Michael Blouin “Bistro” Natalie King “Breakfast at the World Café” Marianne Bluger
2002 (Arc 49) Mary Trafford ” A Drawing Lesson” Matthew Holmes “Honesty” Blaine Marchand