1st PrizeFulgura Frango (or How to Count to Infinity)Dominique Bernier-Cormier
Honourable MentionA Song, or CallLisa Martin
Readers’ ChoiceNine Months, at 34Lianne O’Hara


1st Prizeor bothMorgan Christie
Honourable MentionA Thirst-bot named IstiqfarKhashayar “Kess” Mohammadi
Readers’ ChoiceBRAIN SPIKE FOR THE SECOND MOUTHCassandra Myers


1st PrizeOFFERINGCassandra Myers
Honourable MentionAll Hearts Feed HorsesJohn Elizabeth Stintzi
Readers’ ChoiceMedusa Calls the Rape Crisis LineCassandra Myers


1st PrizeChange is a Slow ErosionLeah MacLean-Evans
Honourable MentionLake Baptiste Ungenders MeCassandra Myers
Reader’s Choiceremedies for cross Atlantic dispersionMelissa Davidson


1st PrizeThe Imaging DepartmentSadiqa de Meijer
Honourable MentionThe Thimble’s Bucket ListMedrie Purdham
Reader’s ChoiceSnow Day PoemHeather Birrell


1st PrizeYou Are My Hiding PlaceLeah Horlick
Honourable MentionHow Soon, How Likely, How SevereShaun Robinson
Reader’s ChoiceWomen’s workSarah Tsiang


1st PrizeHarvest Moon Lantern FestivalKayla Czaga
Honourable MentionBreachBlair Trewartha
Reader’s ChoiceBiography of a StoryPhillip Crymble


1st PrizesiteDoyali Islam
Honourable MentionAs SpongeBob SquarePantsJames Langer
Reader’s ChoiceIn Recognition of a Quarter Century of Contribution to UMACurtis LeBlanc


1st PrizeTuring’s Time MachineKevin Shaw
Reader’s ChoiceBy the time he hit the floorAmber Homeniuk


1st PrizeConsider the LiliesKristina Bresnen
Reader’s ChoiceWounded VillageMatt Jones


1st PrizeThe BarnShane Neilson
Reader’s ChoiceMedway River, CarouselE. Alex Pierce


1st PrizeThe Fever DreamerJacob McArthur Mooney
Reader’s ChoiceGoing to CapeMichael Fraser


1st PrizeWash DayAnne Marie Todkill
2nd PrizeThe impassioned ex-formalist Pulitzer Prize-winning womanizing alcoholic jumps off a bridgeMaurice Mierau
3rd PrizePlease Print Clearly in Block LettersIan Williams
Reader’s ChoiceBetween the HeartbeatsBarbara Pelman


1st PrizeNew Year’s DayShane Neilson
2nd Prize ChickensBren Simmers
3rd PrizeFuseLise Gaston
Reader’s ChoiceTracesSusan Braley


1st PrizeThe Night of the Apocalypse Yahweh Tinkles the IvoriesPatricia Young
2nd PrizeIn alabastrine (Edith Lake)Susan Buis
3rd PrizeCommon LoonE. Alex Pierce
Reader’s Choice Canadian GothicJim Johnstone


1st Prize The Hickock Girls in the Front Pew Address the PlatypusPatricia Young
2nd PrizePrayers for the SickKaren Solie
3rd PrizeChopping Wood on Ivan’s FarmMoez Surani
Honourable Mentionexcerpt from SpeechlessAurian Haller
Reader’s ChoiceTo See You Like ThisSusan Stenson


1st PrizeBoxSusan Elmslie
2nd PrizeWinterDegan Davis
3rd Prizeselection from SeamlessAurian Haller
Final JudgeJohn Steffler


1st PrizeOut WalkingBren Simmers
2nd PrizeCastor Gulo (poem of a beaver becoming a wolverine)Michael Reynolds
3rd PrizeWater RitualsHeidi Garnett
Final JudgeDon Domanski


1st PrizeOld Men, SmokingSandra Kasturi
2nd PrizeOpen My DrawersIrene Livingston
3rd PrizeCock PheasantKaren Hofmann
Final JudgeMildred Tremblay


1st PrizeThe Crazy MapsSusan Stenson
2nd Prizehow we keep it togethermatt robinson
3rd PrizeThe Walled GardenLinda Rogers
Final JudgeLorna Crozier


1st PrizeTao HillHarold Rhenisch
2nd PrizeBlood Opera The Raven Tango PoemsJannie Edwards
3rd PrizeSwimming LessonsDeanna Young
Final JudgeDerek Wynand


1st PrizeBe the RiverMaureen Scott Harris
2nd PrizeInfant Abandoned In High ParkAlison Pick
3rd PrizeRecent SightingsDeanna Young
Final JudgeMary Dalton


1st PrizeHow the Dying Move to WaterJoelene Heathcote
2nd PrizeThe Drowned BoyMaureen Scott Harris
3rd PrizeHow to Win at RummyPamela Swanigan
Final JudgeSteven Heighton


1st PrizeGod of PocketsSue McLeod
2nd PrizeDarkeningSue Wheeler
3rd PrizeParticularsMichael V. Smith
Final JudgeElizabeth Philips


1st PrizeRationedRichard Lemm
2nd PrizeReply to the Minister of LiliesElizabeth Philips
3rd PrizeMyth, Ritual and the Yorkdale CloverleafJim Roberts
Final JudgeBrian Bartlett


1st PrizeHidden RegisterWayne Tompkins
2nd PrizeMeanwhile, in IthacaAnne Simpson
3rd PrizeMy Son, Improvising on the Violin to FauréDonna Langevin
Final JudgePatricia Young


1st PrizeOpen and CloseMarlene Cookshaw
2nd PrizeBlue SnowBarbara Schott
3rd PrizeAdagio in G MinorLinda Rogers
Final JudgeBarry Dempster


1st PrizeAstonishing CreationsMildred Tremblay
2nd PrizeNegative Space, 1980Sue Wheeler
3rd PrizeGood FoodSophia Kaszuba
Final JudgeRobyn Sarah
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