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The December winner of the “Arc Award of Awesomeness” is . . .

winner (with doo-dad)


Sarah Tsiang and the Arc Board also selected three honourable mentions:

    • “Sweet” by Dagne Forrest
    • “Mango” by Nadine El-Enany
    • “Mourning my Father” by Don Palmer



Harvest Table

This sticky farm oilcloth
hosts jams and pickles,
scatterings of dill seeds
a utensil bouquet in the pottery jug—

There are so many
scattered scraps
crap and clutter, as mom would say,
on our harvest table
there is really no room
to eat. But this Christmas,
grief fills us, gluttonous—

some of the time, its grounds
left soggy in our cups,
its wine rings staining the tablecloth,
its lamb-fat marbled
and congealing in the cold.

Other times, it swells
in our bellies with
cinnamon bun memories
still sticky-warm—
here she perched with the birds,
here she laughed at the larks,
here she asked us
to listen better, nodding solemnly
like the glass bird dipping in water.

Sometimes grief makes us too full
to eat, yet always hungry
for something
no more
room for at the table.



Kate Marshall Flaherty just launched Digging (Aeolus House, 2022), and has poems published in numerous Canadian and international journals, such as CV2, Vallum, Grain, Room, Trinity Review, The Literary Review of Canada and American Academy of Poets. She writes spontaneous “Poems Of the Extraordinary Moment” (P.O.E.M.s) for charity in person and online, and guides StillPoint Writing and Poetry Editing Circles online.  See her performance poetry online at:


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