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Call for Submissions: Disability Desirability

Disabled writers, writers with disabilities, writers who experience ableism—Arc 102 is calling you!

Arc Poetry Magazine is pleased to announce our Fall 2023 issue “Disability Desirability,” guest edited by Therese Estacion, and to share this call for submissions. 


Call for Submissions

Disability Desirability poster. First line reads Call for Writers with Disabilities. Second line: Seeking poetry, interviews, essays, and reviews around the theme Disability Desirability. Third line: Arc Poetry pages all print and online contributors $50 CAD per page. Fourth line: If interested please email Final line: Deadline May 15, 2023, Arc Poetry Magazine.


We invite artists who live with disability/chronic illness/mental illness and other forms of existence that are impacted by ableism to send us poems, prose, essays, and reviews exploring what it means to be in the world, or your topic of choice. We hope that your art challenges the able-bodied gaze and doctrine by changing the narrative of the dominant body and extending the meaning of wholeness.


More About Guest Editor Therese Estacion

A smiling photo of a woman in a blue shirt, a necklace and long black hair. She is standing in the snowy outside, with a line of green trees far behind her.


Therese Estacion is part of the Visayan diaspora community. She is an elementary school teacher and is currently studying to be a psychotherapist. Therese is also a bilateral below knee and partial hands amputee. Her poems have been published in CV2 and PANK Magazine. Her first book, Phantompains, was published by Book*Hug, and is a finalist for the CLMP Firecracker Awards. She lives in Toronto/Tkaronto.


More About Submissions

Submit your poems by May 15th, 2023 to be considered.

Submission guidelines for this call include the following:

• Submissions must not exceed three poems.

• If you have submitted to Arc‘s general call for submissions, you may still submit work for this issue. Submitting poems for this issue does not count towards the three poems per calendar year limit.

• In order to submit two or three poems, you must submit two or three separate files. All poems must be their own submission.

Please email pitches for essays, How Poems Work articles, interviews, or book reviews related to this themed issue. If you have an inquiry about this issue, please contact Coordinating Editor Manahil Bandukwala at However, Arc cannot promise to respond to inquiries regard­ing the sta­tus of sub­mitted poems before the com­ple­tion of our reading period.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can submit?
Persons with disabilities, chronic illness, mental illness, and those affected by ableism, which includes fat and obese folks.

What if I have recovered from illnesses such as concussions, or am in remission?
We are prioritizing work from folx who are currently living with disabilities and would like to give them the space and opportunity to share their work. If you are unsure, please feel free to reach out via email: 

Where do I submit essays and reviews?
Please send your essay and review pitches to Manahil Bandukwala: Include a 100-200 word pitch, and a brief note of your writing history. 

What are the parameters and pay for essays and reviews?
*Please email Arc a pitch (100-200 words) first. We accept essays between 1500-2000 words, and our standard rate is $50 per print page (approx. 400 words per page). We accept brief book reviews with a preferred word count of 500 words for a flat rate of $80 OR feature reviews at $50 per print page with a discussion of at least two books of poetry, 800-1200 preferred word count. 

Should I provide content warnings?
Please provide content warnings at your own discretion. If you would like us to provide a content warning to go along with your published work, please indicate the content warning after your work’s title.

Can I submit if I do not reside in Canada?
Arc Poetry Magazine accepts work from international artists.

How will I know my work has been accepted?
Arc will notify all submitters of acceptance or rejection after the closing of the submission deadline. Please do not inquire about your work until at least three months after the submission deadline.

Why was my work not accepted?
Please do not be discouraged! Sometimes it is a matter of subjectivity, other times it is a matter of readiness. Continue to submit to other magazines and to Arc in the future. We hope your work finds a home one day!


More About Payment & Publication

Arc‘s rate for poetry is $50 per print page. Payment is issued upon pub­li­ca­tion along with one free copy of the issue in which the work appears. With acceptance, Arc secures First Cana­dian Serial Rights, meaning the poems should not appear in any print or digital publication before the release of the issue in which the work appears. All rights will revert to the author upon publication.