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Voices Podcast / Voix Podcast—a new Arc Poetry Podcast!

Episode 1: Jessica Johns (English)

Voices Podcast (or Voix Podcast) is a bilingual podcast from Arc Poetry Magazine and Poetry In Voice / les Voix de la poésie. The first season will have 4 English episodes, 2 French episodes and 1 bilingual episode.

(Voices Podcast (or Voix Podcast) or est un balado bilingue né d’une collaboration entre Arc Poetry Magazine et les Voix de la poésie / Poetry In Voice. Cette première saison comprendra quatre épisodes en anglais, deux en français et un bilingue.)


Voices / Voix Podcast · Jessica Johns – Episode 1


Poet Jessica Johns and Yusra Ali, a Poetry in Voice semifinalist and the winner of the English People’s Choice Award, join Meagan Black in this episode to talk about the poem “How Not to Spill.”

The title poem from Johns’ chapbook with Rahila’s Ghost Press, “How Not to Spill” is explored in depth by the poet and reciter, as well as their different relationships with poetry and performance.


This is an English episode and is Episode 1 of Voices / Voix Podcast. It includes a shout out to Indigenous Brilliance and Indigenous Brilliance’s podcast, both of which Johns helped to establish.

(L’épisode 1 du podcast Voices / Voix Podcast est en anglaise.)