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Arc is looking for volunteers for 2022!

We need poetry readers from across the country! Want to get involved?


Arc Poetry Magazine is seeking volunteer regional readers/contributing editors. These volunteers act as the first readers of submissions sent to Arc and are an important part of how Arc functions.

Volunteers are still welcome to submit to Arc‘s contests and to write reviews and essays for Arc.

Being a regional reader/contributing editor is a great way to see what types of submissions literary magazines tend to receive and to read a lot of new poetry. It’s meant to be a low-threshold responsibility (approximately 3 to 5 hours per month). That said, we do ask that our contributing editors have some knowledge of Canadian poetry, in order to determine what submissions would make a good fit for Arc Poetry Magazine.

Although it is a volunteer position, all of Arc‘s contributing editor receive a complimentary subscription to Arc Poetry Magazine for the length of their time volunteering.


Is this the volunteer position for you?


If so, please send Arc an email with your literary CV and your answers to this short set of questions:

    1. Can you expand a bit on your understanding of how to read a poem? What would be your approach to considering a submission as a first reader for Arc? 4-5 bullet points for this answer are sufficient.
    2. Do you read or subscribe to any literary magazines? If so, which ones?
    3. Can you list five books of poetry that you enjoy and/or that have influenced you or your writing?


Deadline: December 31, 2021