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Islands of Influence: Arc Poetry Magazine 96, the Fall 2021 Issue



Brandon Wint brings together Caribbean and Caribbean-Canadian poets in Arc 96: Islands of Influence.


As Brandon states, “While this “Islands of Influence” issue cannot perfectly or comprehensively express the range of Caribbean poetics in Canada, I hope that the poetry and prose offered here will prompt readers to understand the Caribbean as an expansive and rich site of poetic brilliance, intellectual rigour, and historical confluences that make the Caribbean diaspora apt for poetic inquiry.” 


Arc 96 brings you:

  • New poems by Junie Desil, Shery Alexander Heinis, Canisia Lubrin, Natasha Ramoutar, and more;
  • Essays by Simone Dalton, Nadia Hohn, and Lue Palmer;
  • A roundtable conversation between Brandon Wint, Liz Clarke, Nikki Shafeeullah, and Sonnet L’Abbe;
  • Translations of Monchoachi by Eric Fishman;
  • Reviews by Samantha Jones, Britta Badour, and Elizabeth Mudenyo.



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