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The November Winner of the “Arc Award of Awesomeness” is . . .

winner (with doo-dad)

Elana Wolff, for the poem “Fall Constellations”!


Nancy Jo Cullen and the Arc Poetry Magazine Board also selected two runners-up:

    • “Slide” by Kimberley Orton
    • “Millionaire” by Susana Molinolo


“Fall Constellations”

The maples are communicating, even when
we’re not. The tree
we thought was dying
came back. Perhaps
with subterranean help from its neighbours.

Do we master our plant-ness’,
our animality?
Do we find a balance-
point for our heavy
frenzied heads
frenzied hea on the moveable fulcrum?

Ruin is normal,
a corvid thing—the black
bird caws its song, the yellow leaves in the maples
bird caws its son keen.
A philia thing—like broadhand interconnection.

I woke up feeling queasy today, as if I’d lifted
weights and laboured heavily in my sleep,
the black on my chest—a fun-fur
cat, a throw for the bed
with a flap underneath
for a hand. Animated yellow eyes. Its tail
caressed my face, like a simulacrum.

a yolk through d Like last night’s Scorpio moon—
a yolk through dirty-
purple stratus clouds—horizontal bodies /
purple stratus clouds— balancing anvils—



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