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The Arc Award of Awesomeness!

Win a vintage ‘object d’art,’ our 50/50 cash prize, and all the honour and clout that comes with being an Awesomeness Winner—by entering Arc’s May Award of Awesomeness!

The 2nd prompt is: “Avoid the Pandemic”

Write a poem about the global pandemic without using any the following words:

      • Covid 19
      • Corona
      • Pandemic
      • Mask
      • Global
      • Lock down
      • Quarantine
      • Panic
      • Plague
      • Disease
      • Virus
      • Hand Sanitizer
      • Toilet Paper
      • Yeast
      • PPE
      • Front Line
      • Ventilators
      • Contagion
      • Social Distancing
      • Physical Distancing

Deadline for the 2nd Prompt: May 31st, 2020

Contest Rules & Guidelines: See our Contest Page

Publication: The winning poem will be published on the Arc website. We will also ask the winners to provide a photo of themselves and their prize.