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Arc Poetry Magazine 90: Arc’s “Labour and Livelihood” Issue (Fall 2019)

Working our way into Autumn with themed poetry, essays, interviews, and reviews.

Arc 90 is filled with writing that seeks to explore every facet of labour and livelihood. From Tom Wayman’s essay on “work writing,” to Amber Dawn’s long poem about sex work, to an interview between John Elizabeth Stintzi and Joelle Barron on their multiple responsibilities as writers/community builders/family members, this issue probes the center of so many of our lives: work.

This issue launched on Sunday, October 27th with readings from contributors Andrea Thompson, Eli Tareq Lynch, and Mike Chaulk, as part of the Ottawa International Writers Festival.

Take a break with Arc 90, and read all the wonderful work in this issue, including:

  • new poems by Brenda Leifso, Randy Lundy, Anne-Marie Turza, and Rob Winger, among others;
  • Jenny Haysom’s feature review of four poetry collections that grapple with motherhood;
  • writing in translation from Legna Rodríguez Iglesias, award-winning Cuban poet, playwright, and short story author; and,
  • Zachari Logan’s visual art, which beautifully presents a queer embodiment of nature.

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