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Arc Poetry Magazine’s Winter 2016 Issue

The winter 2016 issue of Arc Poetry Magazine lightens the darkest season with Canada’s brightest poets.

Marilyn Dumont wraps up her tenure as Arc‘s Poet-In-Residence alongside a suite of “split sonnets and parallels” by Doyali Islam. To close the distance, this issue also features an interview with Robyn Sarah, Arc‘s 2015-2016 Poet-In-Residence.

Antonio D’Alfonso continues Arc‘s feature of poetry in translation, and Matt Rader takes a look through a box of chapbooks. Rachel Lebowitz interweaves poetry and history in her lyric essay.

Also find light in:

  • Shane Neilson’s uncovering of the metaphor in Jeffery Donaldson’s “Slack Action”;
  • reviews of debut collections from Lesley Battler, Aaron Tucker, and Ben Ladouceur;
  • paintings and collage from Gunter Nolte scholarship-winning visual artist Laura Demers.

Brighten up your winter with Arc 79, available at local newsstands or with a subscription!