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Congratulations to Arc’s contributors who appear in The Best Canadian Poetry in English 2015!

Best CDN poetry 2015

With the publication of The Best Canadian Poetry in English 2015 (Tightrope Books, 2015), we wish to congratulate the following Arc contributors for writing five of Canada’s best poems of 2015:

Stevie Howell for “Ballad of Blood Hotel” (first published in Arc 74)
Bardia Sinaee for “Escape from Statuary” (first published in Arc 73)
Karen Solie for “For the Ski Jump at Canada Olympic Park, Calgary” (first published in Arc/Cordite)
Anne Marie Todkill for “Strontium-90” (first published in Arc 74)
Priscila Uppal for “To My Suicidal Husband” (first published in Arc/Cordite)


Congratulations also go to the authors of poems listed as “Notable Poems of 2014,” including:

Stephanie Bolster for “Sarcophagus” (first published in Arc/Cordite)
Tim Bowling for “High Water” (first published in Arc 73)
Louise Halfe for “Mechanic” (first published in Arc 73)
Paul Vermeersch for “Standing in Front of Antlers Mounted on a Wall so They Look Like They’re Growing from Your Head” (first published in Arc/Cordite)