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2015’s Poem of the Year Contest is Full of Surprises!

Extended Deadline: February 14th, 2016!

What’s New with the Poem of the Year Contest?

One Early Bird special: enter before January 1st and submit 3 poems for the price of 2!
One new prize: $500 for the Honourable Mention!

Ten great chances for fame and glory: all shortlisted poems will be published online and in Arc!



In Spring 2016, Arc will be awarding one $5,000 grand prize to the Poem of the Year…and we’ll be accepting both email and hard copy submissions!


Deadline: February 1, 2016. Early Bird Deadline: December 31st, 2015.


Contest Guidelines:

The entry fee is $35 CDN, and includes a one-year Canadian subscription of Arc*

Contest entry fees may be paid online or by cheque or money order mailed with your hard copy contest submissions.

*or two issues to US entrants, or one issue to overseas entrants. Entrants who are currently subscribers may pass along their contest subscription or complimentary issues to a friend. Please include the name and address to which the contest subscription is destined.


  • Arc welcomes Poem of the Year entries from Canada, the United States, and around the world. Entrants outside Canada must submit entry fees in Canadian funds. Please use the online payment option or mail a cheque or money order in Canadian funds.
  • Entrants may submit up to two unpublished poems with each $35 fee (extra poems: $5 per poem). Enter before January 1st and submit an extra poem at no charge: Early Bird entries may include up to 3 unpublished poems for the price of 2!
  • The length of each poem must not exceed 100 lines.
  • Entrant’s name, address, e-mail and phone number must not appear on the poems, but instead on a separate sheet that also lists the titles of the poems entered or in the body of the submission email.
  • Judging is blind.
  • No entrants (including winners, honourable mentions, or authors of shortlisted poems) may substitute, before, during, or after judging, a revision of any poem already submitted to the contest.
  • No poems will be returned.

Deadline: Entries must be postmarked or emailed no later than 11:59 pm, February 1, 2016.
Early Bird Deadline:
Entries emailed or postmarked no later than 11:59 pm, December 31, 2015 may consist of 3 poems for a single entry fee. For entries emailed or postmarked after this date, only the first two poems will be considered.

Shortlist: A shortlist of 10 to 12 poems, selected by Arc’s editorial board, will be eligible for the Readers’ Choice Award. Visit us in March to read our shortlist selections and cast your vote!

Publication: All shortlisted poems will receive paid publication in an upcoming issue of Arc and on the Arc website.

Privacy Notice: Unless you indicate otherwise, Arc may share addresses of entrants to the 2016 Poem of the Year Contest with similar literary magazines or related organizations for promotional purposes.

Submit Entries:

Please email entries to

or mail you entry to:

Poem of the Year Contest
Arc Poetry Magazine
PO Box 81060
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada, K1P 1B1

Poem of the Year Contest Entry Fees

Each entry of 1-2 poems entitles the entrant to a one-year subscription of Arc.

Poem of the Year Entry Fees
1 or 2 poems $35.00 CAD
3 poems $40.00 CAD
4 poems $45.00 CAD
5 poems $50.00 CAD
6 poems $55.00 CAD
7 poems $60.00 CAD
8 poems $65.00 CAD
9 poems $70.00 CAD
10 poems $75.00 CAD