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Arc hits 4000 submissions per year

And that’s a lot. We’re thrilled to be such a popular choice for new poets looking to have their work published. That support is a huge part of why we are here.


However, with that popularity comes a problem. As we are sometimes faced with a backlog of submissions, we regret that we are often leaving our submitters awaiting a response for longer than we’d like. It’s become clear that we need to serve our submitters more quickly – each and every one deserves a timely response.


So, effective immediately, Arc is moving to a three-poem limit to submissions. The Arc editorial board believes this will still allow submitters to give our readers a strong sense of their work, while ensuring that we will be to give all submissions the time and reflection necessary to fairly consider their qualities.


Submitting fewer poems means you only have room for your very, very best. We can’t wait to see what you choose!