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Arc is celebrating in September!

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For the month of September, the first 75 people to purchase a subscription to Arc—whether you’re new, renewing or buying a gift for someone else—will get even more poetry for their dollar! In addition to new issues of Canada’s favourite poetry magazine—including our upcoming special on the North—the first 75 subscribers will also receive two free, Canadian poetry books for a two year subscription, or one free book of for a one year subscription. No shipping, no handling, just great Canadian poetry delivered right to your door!

We have 150 books of Canadian poetry to give away, as a thank you to all our subscribers and their support of this great art form. What book will you get? The only way to find out is to subscribe.

So don’t delay! Get more poetry in your life today:

Subscription Type
2 years (Canada) $60.00 CAD1 year (Canada) $35.00 CAD2 years (US) $80.00 CAD1 year (US) $47.00 CAD2 years (International) $90.00 CAD1 year (International) $50.00 CADDigital Subscription (1 year) $20.00 CAD


Be An Arc Helper, And Win Poetry For A Year!

You know Arc is giving away 150 books of poetry this September—but we’ve got even more to give. And what’s better than a book of poetry? A magazine dedicated to it! (Well, Arc thinks so.)

Spread the message of Arc’s giveaway on Twitter or Facebook using #arcaway—yes, it works on Facebook—or mention us on your personal blog or website and send a link to, and you will automatically be entered to win a one-year subscription to Arc Poetry Magazine, awarded at the end of September! Keep it for yourself or give it to a friend. International helpers are also welcome.

So share the good news! Poetry’s back in September!



2 year subscription (Canada) $60.00 CAD
1 year subscription (Canada) $35.00 CAD
2 year subscription (US) $80.00 CAD
1 year subscription (US) $47.00 CAD
2 year subscription (International) $90.00 CAD
1 year subscription (International) $50.00 CAD
Digital Subscription (1 year) $20.00 CAD