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The Best Canadian Poetry 2012: Congratulations to Arc's authors!


Congratulations to the following authors for writing seven of Canada’s best poems of 2012:

Jeramy Dodds for “The Swan with Two Necks” (first published in Arc Annual 2012)
David O’Meara for “Background Noise” (first published in Arc 66)
Elise Partridge for “Range” (first published in Arc 65)
Bruce Taylor for “Little Animals” (first published in Arc 66)
Anne Marie Todkill for “Wash day” (first published in Arc Annual 2012)
Joshua Trotter for “Leitmotiv” (first published in Arc 65)

and Shane Rhodes, Arc’s Poetry Edi­tor, for “Paperweight” (first published in Fiddlehead No. 246)!

And to those who made the long list:

Steven Heighton for “World Enough” (first published in Arc 65)
Erin Knight for “A Substitute for Everything” (first published in Arc 66)
Peter Richardson for “August Scene at Spyros…” (first published in Arc 65)

and Brecken Hancock, Arc’s Reviews Editor, for “Duos” (first published in Grain 39.1)!