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Archibald Lampman Award

The Archibald Lampman Award recognizes an outstanding book of English-language poetry by an author living in the National Capital Region.


Next entry deadline: March 31, 2013, for books published between January and December 2012 by a recognized publisher.

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The Inspiration


Archibald Lampman was one of Canada’s finest 19th-century poets. Born in 1861, he graduated from Trinity College (Toronto) in 1882, then moved to Ottawa where he worked for the Post Office until his death in 1899. He is known for his ability to immerse metaphysics in the details of nature, which he observed while hiking round what was then the wilderness capital of a new country. His books include Among the Millet (1888), Lyrics of Earth (1895) and the posthumous Alcyone (1900).

For the years 2007 through 2009, the Archibald Lampman Award merged with the Duncan Campbell Scott Foundation to become the Lampman-Scott Award in honour of two great Confederation Poets. This partnership came to an end in 2010, and the prize returned to its former identity as the Archibald Lampman Award for Poetry.

Submission Details for 2013 Archibald Lampman Award

  • Eligible entries are English-language books of poetry published between January and December 2012 by a recognized publisher.
  • Eligible books must be no less that 48 pages in length.
  • The contest is open to residents of the National Capital Region.
  • Prize: $1500
  • Entry deadline: March 31, 2013

Send four copies of eligible
books to:

Archibald Lampman Award for Poetry
Arc Poetry Magazine
PO Box 81060
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada, K1P 1B1

Previous Winners

2012 Michael Blouin Wore Down Trust
2011 Paul Tyler A Short History of Forgetting
2010 Craig Poile True Concessions
2009 David O’Meara Noble Gas, Penny Black
2008 Shane Rhodes The Bindery
2007 Monty Reid Disappointment Island
2006 Laura Farina This Woman Alphabetical
2005 Stephen Brockwell Fruitfly Geographic
2004 David O’Meara The Vicinity
2003 Shane Rhodes Holding Pattern
2002 Armand Garnet Ruffo At Geronimo’s Grave
2001 Colin Morton Coastlines of the Archipelago
2000 Stephanie Bolster Two Bowls of Milk
1999 John Barton Sweet Ellipsis
1998 Sandra Nicholls Woman of Sticks, Woman of Stones
1997 Diana Brebner Flora & Fauna
1996 Gary Geddes The Perfect Cold Warrior
1995 John Barton Designs from the Interior
1994 John Newlove Apology for Absence
Selected Poems 1962-1992
1993 Marianne Bluger Summer Grass
1992 Blaine Marchand A Garden Enclosed
1991 George Elliot Clarke Wylah Falls
1990 Gary Geddes No Easy Exit
1989 Patrick White Habitable Planets
1988 John Barton West of Darkness
1987 Christopher Levenson Arriving at Night
1986 Colin Morton This Won’t Last Forever