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And the winners are…

In the spirit of competition, Arc is looking forward to unveiling the Arc Poetry Annual 2012 (ships September 1, 2011) which will address the theme of literary competition. The issue will include the usual trove of wonders—including winning poems from our Annual Poem of the Year and Diana Brebner contests, and a handy compendium of literary contests in Canada.

More details on the issue will follow in our July newsletter. In the meantime, we are very happy to announce some contest winners. Congratulations to all!


Poem of the Year 2011


First Prize of $1,500 goes to Anne Marie Todkill for “Wash Day.”

Second Prize of $1,000 to to Maurice Mierau for “The impassioned ex-formalist Pulitzer Prize-winning womanizing alcoholic jumps off a bridge.”

Third Prize of $750 goes to Ian Williams for “Please Print Clearly in Block Letters.”


Reader’s Choice Award


The Reader’s Choice Award allows Arc readers to vote for their favourite poem from those shortlisted for the Poem of the Year; the Reader’s Choice award comes with glory, and a $250 prize. This year the prize goes to ”Between the Heartbeats” by Barbara Pelman.


Confederation Poets Prize


The Confederation Poets Prize is a $250 prize given each year to a poem selected from those published by Arc in the previous year, awarded in honour of poets Archibald Lampman, William Wilfred Campbell, and Duncan Campbell Scott who lived and wrote in Ottawa and helped establish the importance of poetry in Canada. This year’s winner is “In the Event of Moon Disaster” by David O’Meara, which appeared in the Arc Poetry Annual 2011.


Critic’s Desk Award

Each year, a feature and a brief review are chosen by an acclaimed critic from the reviews Arc has published during the previous year. The Feature prize of $250 and the Brief prize of $100 honour the excellence of our reviewers and recognize the important role of reviews in engagement with poetry. This year’s winner for a feature review is Luke Hathaway for his essay “Listening to Margaret Avison” published in Arc 64,* and the brief review prize winner is Asa Boxer for his review of Brent Maclaine’s Athena Becomes a Swallow (Goose Lane Editions, 2009), also in Arc 64.


Diana Brebner Prize


The Diana Brebner Prize is awarded to an Ottawa-based poet who has not yet been published in book form. The prize is in memory of Diana Brebner who was an award-winning poet committed to encouraging new and local talent in Ottawa. The winner for this year’s Diana Brebner Prize is Jenny Haysom for her poem “Minnowing.”



* Note that, to correct a past error, Arc 64 has been considered in 2011. The Confederation Poets and Critic’s Desk awards are given for a poem and reviews published in the previous calendar year.