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by Steve McOrmond

1.0 The following program contains language and brief sexuality which some may find disturbing.
1.1 The following program may contain graphic content relevant to the development of character or to the advancement of the theme or plot.
1.2 Women’s bare breasts; man’s bare buttocks.
1.3 The following program may invite dangerous imitation such as the use of plastic bags as playthings or unsafe physical acts such as climbing apartment balconies.
1.4 The following program may contain realistic scenes of violence which create the impression that violence is the preferred or only method to resolve conflict. The audience is advised to follow its programming.
1.5 People smoke. People snort drugs. Someone drowns.
1.6 The following program may contain domestic and civil disorders, scenes of destruction and accident. A coarse audience is intended.
1.7 The following program may deal casually with themes which could threaten the viewer’s sense of security; e.g. the death or injury of parents, close relatives or pets.
1.8 Evidence of fatalism and irreligion; excessive special effects not required by the storyline.
1.9 The following program may contain scenes not suitable for language. The audience may contain violence not intended by the program.
2.0 People are assaulted; fighting; gunplay. Several car crashes; a fatal animal attack.
2.1 Objectionable words and phrases: Approx. 50.



Published in Arc 63: Winter 2010.